Eclipse Glasses

How To Safely Watch An Eclipse

There are two different types of eclipses, the lunar and solar eclipse. These magical events do not happen very often, but when they do, you will need to wear eclipse classes to protect your eyes. Scientists have been studying the sky for thousands of years. Watching a total or partial eclipse is an interesting phenomenon. In some cultures, there are specific superstitions connected with the eclipse. An eclipse occurs when the sun or moon is temporarily obstructed. This casts a shadow between the viewer and the sun or moon.

Safety Eclipse Glasses are made from special materials that block out 99 percent of the harmful rays. The image you see is orange in color. Eclipse glasses should not be worn for an extended amount of time. Never watch a solar or lunar eclipse without safety glasses. If you cannot find any safety glasses, you can make one at home. A homemade eclipse class is called a pinhole viewer. This is an indirect method for observing the eclipse.

Take a medium-sized box and poke a tiny hole in the center of one side. Place the box over your head with the pinhole facing the sun, and you will see the image of the eclipse inside the box. Do not look through the pinhole directly facing the sun. You can also use two pieces of cardboard to create the same effect. Hold one piece of cardboard with the pinhole up to the sun and look for the image on the second piece of cardboard. If you look directly at the solar eclipse, it can cause permanent blindness.